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Do you really know the value of your property?

Establishing the actual value of your property is essential in obtaining the best possible result for your sale .

We are happy to provide you with a Professional Appraisal of your property’s worth, backed by meaningful comparisons across the fluctuating market conditions.

Asking Price

It is very likely you have a good understanding of how the property market works. As the vendor, you can nominate an asking price, but remember:

  • The perceived value of your property is determined by the current market and the demand for property like yours
  • Make sure you do not miss potential buyers by over pricing your property
  • Do some research on prices for similar properties in your area
  • Look at the Sold properties section of

Should I Renovate?

Even if you are under financial pressure it is important to make small repairs or complete renovations before you put your house up for sale. Presenting your property in its best light makes a huge difference in maximising the sale price of your home.